Web-oriented co-meetup: Sylius E-Shop & Animation Design

On 9 April 2019, at SDG Solution Space, 3 tech-oriented meetup groups in Geneva (Geek Girls Carrots, Geneva Web and Webmardi) will join forces to organize a joint event and to discuss two important topics: e-commerce and web animation.

Sylius, a few chocolate chips later by Jacques Bodin-Hullin, Founder & CTO at Monsieur Biz

Back from the Dark Web on Magento and after almost a year learning Sylius for a great chocolate maker in Nantes and a Spices seller in Cancale, Jacques Bodin-Hullin is coming to Geneva to give us some feedback about this e-commerce platform

Jacques will present the store’s keys: e-comSymfony 4, a great team, many pizza/beers parties, tip & tricks, fails & successes.

The talk won’t be just about Sylius, but about everything involved in e-commerce workflow.

Exploring new trends in web animation by Catherine Brand, Course instructor at the EPFL Extension School

Web animations are ubiquiotous on most modern websites. Whether they are composed of subtle transitions or part of a larger storytelling scheme, they are used by designers and developers to give personality to a site, help users understand complex ideas or subtly guide their actions.

Catherine Brand will talk about exploring new trends in web animation. She will discuss current animation design practices and some of the choices a web designer or developer may have to make when choosing animation tools, like new CSS properties, pure CSS versus Javascript, etc.

Registration (free but mandatory): https://www.meetup.com/Geek-Girls-Carrots-Geneva/events/259575001/

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