Programming, robotics and rights for girls

Coding is considered a literacy of the 21st century and the demand for software engineers is continuously growing. At the same time, the number of women engineers is low – only 11% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates in Switzerland are women. What is worse, this number is slowly declining.

One of the possible ways to change this situation is to show girls that coding, robots, and technology in general is fun and that this is definitely something for women. The cooperation of HEPIA, CERN MicroClub RightsTech Women, Women in Technology at CERN, Informasciences and On l’fait, with support from Ville de Genève, is organizing a series of free coding workshops for girls on Saturday, 9 March 2019.

Girls between 9 and 18-year-old will learn how to program a Poppy Ergo Jr. robot and/or a programmable, tactile hepiaLight screens. These workshops start with an easy, interactive introduction to human rights, featuring some famous women in science and technology. Younger girls, 6 to 8-year-old, will be introduced to some of the most fundamental concepts of computer and programming.

Details and free tickets on Eventbrite.

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