Events in Geneva: March 2019

March is a hectic month when it comes to tech-related events in Geneva. Apart from regular monthly meetups, there is an OpenGeneva festival with plenty of hackathons, Diversity Week with a focus on technology, and a celebration of the International Women’s Day organized by Geek Girls Carrots and Women in Digital Switzerland meetups.

Events in Geneva, March 2019

2 March

Geneva: Open Data Day edition by PersonalData.IO

5 March

AI Masterclass – Vision, by Facebook Developer Circles and Geneva School of AI

Are you an Impostor? by Webmardi (Lausanne)

Les matinales de l’IoT by naxoo

Lunch and Network – Legal & Consulting by Isabelle Litzler

Table ronde: “Mission sHeroes” by Egalité et Diversité dans la ville and Bibliothèques Municipales Genève

a poster from la semaine de l'égalite

6 March

Projection-discussion: “Elles prennent la parole” by Egalité et Diversité dans la ville, Cinélux and Les Internettes

BlueBrain Nexus : Building a knowledge graph for data driven science by Scala RomandieB

Gōng-fu I/O Weekly #357 by Gōng-fu I/O ‹Creative Coders› Geneva

LinkedIn Local Geneva & Nyon (Nyon)

7 March

Table ronde: “La face cachée du numérique” by Egalité et Diversité dans la ville and The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Swiss-CyberSecurity: open talk by CyberSecurity

Table ronde: “Internet, mégaphone des luttes féministes? by Egalité et Diversité dans la ville and Bibliothèques Municipales Genève

Entreprendre en Suisse by Citiz’n & La Node

Créer un succès en lançant son agence de marketing digital by IFJ

Artificial intelligence (AI) – a tool for successful business by asut, the Swiss Telecommunications Association

Symposium on the Future Networked Car (FNC-2019) by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) during the 89th Geneva International Motor Show

8 March

Let’s celebrate the International Women’s Day by Geek Girls Carrots & Women in Digital Switzerland

9 March

Programming, robotics and rights for girls by Egalité et Diversité dans la ville, HEPIA, CERN Micro Club, RightsTech Women, Women in Technology at CERN, On l’fait, Infornascience

Journée meetup – WordPress – Meetup Day by Geneva WordPress Meetup Group

11 March

geneva web logo

A primer on Web Components (Yves & Olivier Lange) by GenevaWeb

Hackathon pour les droits humains by OpenGeneva

12 March

30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web by CERN, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and World Wide Web Foundation

Businessplan Basic by Comment créer son entreprise – IFJ

Networking café: Swiss insurance basics for individuals and self-employed by Bonjour Geneva

Brainstorming night by #truGeneva

13 March

Gōng-fu I/O Weekly #358 by Gōng-fu I/O ‹Creative Coders› Geneva

14 March

Swiss-CyberSecurity: Cloud Security by Swiss-CyberSecurity

The Shared Brain Session by 100% Entrepreneurs

18 March

Opening Evening by Open Geneva

SocialUp X Innov’Hg by OpenGeneva & SocialUp

March 19

Hackathon de Recrutement by OpenGeneva and TungXten

Escape Game “La Cellule” by OpenGeneva and Geneva Airport

Migration and Social Media Hackathon by OpenGeneva and Webster University

Introduction to Blockchain by OpenGeneva and TAAL project

Hack4diversity by OpenGeneva & SINGA SWITZERLAND

Nexus Conference by Open Geneva and le Canton Etat de Genève

Créer son entreprise en Suisse (Cours Intensif) by Comment créer son entreprise – IFJ

20 March

Swiss CyberSecurity: MOVIE – Vous avez eté hacké by

Build your eco-friendly intelligence by OpenGeneva & Microsoft Switzerland

Atelier CréaFLASH – We Start x SocialUp by OpenGeneva and We Start

Game Jam by OpenGeneva and Breathing Games

Kids4cyber by OpenGeneva & ICON NGO

Geneva Solutions Conference by Open Geneva and le Canton Etat de Genève

Gōng-fu I/O Weekly #359 by Gōng-fu I/O ‹Creative Coders› Geneva

21 March

How blogging and social media can help you land a job by Bonjour Geneva and Parentville

Climate City Cup Data Sources Hack-up by OpenGeneva & ETHZ

Amaris & Global Compact Network Switzerland Hackathon by OpenGeneva & Amaris

Sustainable Cities Conference by OpenGeneva & le Canton Etat de Genève

22 March

SRG SSR à la RTS Genève by OpenGeneva

Hackathon des HUG #4 by OpenGeneva and HUG

Fashion Hackathon Geneva cover

Fashion Hackathon by OpenGeneva, Allure Sauvage, Fashion Revolution Switzerland and SDG Solution Space

Brainhack by OpenGeneva & Brainhack

Smart City Boost by OpenGeneva & Innobridge

Ethics, AI & Future Robotics by OpenGeneva & Scaphe

HackaHealth by OpenGeneva & HackaHealth

23 March

MyData Lab hackathon: map your SDG innovation! by OpenGeneva and PersonalData.IO

Mobility Hackathon by OpenGeneva & CERN

Scratch School for kids by OpenGeneva & Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

26 March

BroadThinking 2019 by European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

27 March

Gōng-fu I/O Weekly #360 by Gōng-fu I/O ‹Creative Coders› Geneva

28 March

Lunch and Network – Career changers

29 March

Blogging Platforms in 2019 by Facebook Developer Circles Geneva

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